Boundary Lines


boundary-linesWalking today under canopies of gold and wind-stirred leaves, my eyes followed lines.  Lines from the silhouettes of tress, the fall of a leaves hitting my face, the stir of limbs above all entered my eyes and then my mind as I muddled over where lines end, where they meet and how they connect.

Lines are in a constant performance for space and attention and cohabitation.  It is when they find their place; their home within beautiful boundaries that they become their most energized and noticed. And so this is the filter from which I think and create in this season of my life today.


I would have cast out even the thought of the word much less the idea of “boundaries” in years earlier, but I find now there is great joy and pleasure in having a place where things end and others can begin.  It gives us the dance of life and the freedom to move and live without the interruption or contamination of times before, memories of past, worries of future, or even just the chatter of distraction.  I embrace boundaries now and party within them!  I take this attitude and vision directly to my work; straight through the brush and carried out with line after line, layer upon layer, smile after smile and I am at home where the boundaries have fallen in spacious places.



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