The Broken Whole

Art for me has been an enormously therapeutic journey as it has allowed my broken parts to come together and discover what whole not only looks like but more importantly feels like.  There have been many other catalyst for healing in my life but none that I could look back on over a course of years and realize how my subconscious was speaking; how they together as a whole told a beautiful and redemptive story.  In the process I was trying to be heard and my canvas listened even when I could not.  Some people can bury trauma with such ferocity from the mind that their entire being is scattered and a scattering of energy is the starting place for all of their thoughts.  Knowing only fragments of yourself means never knowing or feeling the whole of yourself.  Art has been my gathering place of this scattering, rooting out all without my having to think.  I just am and that is enough.  One by one the colorless white canvases have become color-filled, fertile ground with warmth returning and horizons visible.  I am blessed.

Travel your journey with courage.  We all have one and whether people allow you to feel it or not, they are walking shoulder to shoulder with you trying to find their whole.TheB

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