Here With You

I’ve sat so many hours beside so many humans all vibrating to the same frequency of our Creator.  Without us knowing we were not only tied together through suffering and compassion, the very cycle of humanity, but were literally moving and breathing at the same measurement of life.  Our DNA vibrates at 432 Hz.  Our hearts at 538, our kidneys at 319.  It “sounds” strange but we are a walking, living and breathing ball of energy perfectly in tune. We have life right down to our core and it is this life that we must celebrate.  When we say, “I can feel you Jesus” or “I knew he was here,” I believe we actually can and do feel the energy of the uniqueness of humans, set apart and loved.  I believe we do feel our Father.  We are one family under one God and he is singing, I am HERE WITH YOU.  His voice vibrates in every cell and every cell is praising Him.

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