About Christina Cobb Art

The moment pen or brush engage with surface, the conversation of The Creator and my heart and world begin there chattering until there is a peace within my soul, a resolution to move on, a celebration of the present or simply a release of what I’ve held too tightly. This journey of word, line, mark making, color and layering makes its way from my soul and its experience to the spiritual experience in all of us.  My why is because I am a connector at the soul level and my art opens the gates for those conversations that started within and with My Maker to continue with the people that become my community and my family; the viewers.

About Me

Name: Christina Cobb

Degree: Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Location:  Charlotte / NC

Journey with me in the year to come as my art meets the streets of Charlotte, NC. In its 8th year of bringing art to the community with billboards, buses, news racks, airports, highways…ArtPop has chosen me as one of their 20 artists to excite the space you pass and stir you heart and mind. Follow along on my Instagram.

I am looking forward to being a part of your community whether it’s helping connect people through conversations about art, creating spaces for creative processes or making your own personal space a reflection of your soul. Reach out to me!