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Sacred Spaces

Within, without incoming, outgoing receiving, giving absorbing, reflecting We are constantly defining our “sacred space” from which all our creativity pours out.  It is a place to be protected through intention, nourished with purpose...

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The Most Beautiful Walk

Where the imagination is free…solitude in it’s sweetest, conversations with those we are loved by, experiences that mark chapters in our lives?  Where exactly is your imagination it’s most free?  That is your challenge...

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The Fruit Hangs Low

Being in a season of low hanging fruit can only mean one thing; you are at the harvest time of your own commitment and hard work.  And that, my friends, means dance! Dance in...

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Connection in Seasons of Healing

Surrounded by circumstances this week that stretched me beyond my capacities, I found myself not fully seeing; not really looking at anything as I was wrapped in busy thought.  Wrapped is the correct description of...

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The Poetics of Space (and yes! read the book)

This week my thoughts ruminated on the space outside of home.  Home being our first inhabited world, we establish natural, organic patterns that become written into our very being.  Every space we occupy thereafter...

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