In and Out of Love

Following the path God set out for me, I have walked in gain and in loss but constantly in growth.  I see the darkest streets of loving brokenness and the light that has captured my soul at the very center of my heart’s map.  And I follow.  In my search for a home, a place to belong to and have meaning, I found my soul’s truth in the vision God had for me before I was ever born.  I was planned for and established in the family of God before I got to today.  I realized in the journey of moving homes, families and searching for my place that my place and my home was within me.  Wherever I am, He is, and I am held, loved and provided for.  My home is within me.  I am no longer shaken.


This image captures the struggle of symbolic images of what domestication felt like in this process, the cartography influence of satellite imagery for streets and the colors of life bubbling to belong.

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